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Forms for your websites and blogs. Email notifications, reCAPTCHA, Akismet, File uploads, Webhooks and complete control of your html markup. No iframes.

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Complete control of your markup and CSS

LiveForm gives you an https url which needs to be set as your your form's action. That is all you need, to start accepting form submissions. You can style your code any way you want and have any number of input fields.

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reCAPTCHA for spam prevention

You can easily setup your forms to use Google's awesome reCAPTCHA with LiveForm. Just follow a few simple steps and we will process your form submissions using reCAPTCHA in the backend.

Akismet for spam prevention on your blogs

If you don't want to bother your users with reCAPTCHA, you can also use Akismet to weed out spam.

Email Notifications

Easily receive notifications when a new submission is made. You can even setup multiple recipients.

Powerful Webhooks

You can easily integrate with external services like Zapier with our powerful webhooks. These webhooks are triggered for every new form submission.

File Uploads

You can easily setup your forms to allow file uploads. Use it to accept images/documents upto 10mb in size in your form.

Simple API Access

You can read your messages from anywhere using our Simple API Checkout our documentation to know more

Secure Endpoints (HTTPS)

LiveForm gives you an HTTPS endpoint so that all your forms are submitted over a secure channel.


We do the heavy lifting (such as checking for spam and sending messages) in the background. This makes our forms very fast.

Let's Get In Touch!

LiveForm is built by the folks who built your favorite online form service Simple Form. If you have any ideas on how to improve LiveForm please send us a message using the form below. (We believe in dogfooding, check out the code for our contact form)

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